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“This administration is populated by people who’ve spent their careers bashing government. They’re not just small-government conservatives—they’re Grover Norquist, strangle-it-in-the-bathtub conservatives. It’s a cognitive disconnect for them to be able to do something well in an arena that they have so derided and reviled all these years.”

Senator Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


via Atrios (my bold):
The two-page e-mail that references an Executive Order states that the President directly authorized interrogation techniques including sleep deprivation, stress positions, the use of military dogs, and "sensory deprivation through the use of hoods, etc."

Stress positions:
An interrogation technique that suffocated an Iraqi general had previously rendered another person unconscious, according to court documents filed Monday.

Three months ago, the Army charged Lewis E. Welshofer Jr. and Jeff L. Williams, Sgt. 1st Class William J. Sommer and Spec. Jerry L. Loper with murder and dereliction of duty in the death of Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush.

Mowhoush was placed in a sleeping bag and tied with an electrical cord in what the Army referred to as stress positions during a Nov. 26, 2003, interrogation at the Qaim detention facility northwest of Baghdad, according to the charges and other documents.

Shouldn't their defense consist solely of the President has great powers at a time of war (see item 6), and they were only doing what he told us to do?