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“This administration is populated by people who’ve spent their careers bashing government. They’re not just small-government conservatives—they’re Grover Norquist, strangle-it-in-the-bathtub conservatives. It’s a cognitive disconnect for them to be able to do something well in an arena that they have so derided and reviled all these years.”

Senator Hillary Clinton

Monday, December 20, 2004

Devil in the details

Glenn Reynolds:
BUSH GOT A LOT OF FLAK FOR THE DEFICIT: Now he'll get more for trying to cut it. In fact, it's already started. I hope he succeeds, though his ambitions seem rather modest to me.

Uh, Glenn, the flak won't be that Bush wants to cut the deficit, the flak comes from the fact that Bush wants to continue to push his tax cuts for the rich while cutting programs designed to aid those less fortunate and needy.

Fiscal solvency, good. Fiscal solvency on the backs of the working class, not good.

Hope you can see the difference.