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“This administration is populated by people who’ve spent their careers bashing government. They’re not just small-government conservatives—they’re Grover Norquist, strangle-it-in-the-bathtub conservatives. It’s a cognitive disconnect for them to be able to do something well in an arena that they have so derided and reviled all these years.”

Senator Hillary Clinton

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Already tired

Am I the only one whose already tired of articles that wonder how Democrats are going to rule the Congress yet?

And all this talk about Democrats now being forced to stand up to some sort of liberal litmus test are getting old, too. I hate to tell you wizened authors, Democrats aren't looking to outlaw all guns or force abortions or gay marriage on every one. Those are rightwing boogeymen designed to scare voters into voting Republican and are not at present near the top of the Democratic agenda. What is more important is equal opportunity for the middle class, something that unites all the Democrats who claimed victory on election night.

Oh, and this is for Matt Bai in particular: Democrats have a more than "vague slogans around which to build a governing agenda." A simple Google search would have told you that.

*UPDATE* Here's another thing I'm tired of (and this is mostly a right wing blog thing) courtesy of Mark Noonan. Are House and Senate Dems going to impeach the President? No. Not unless he's done something that would actually warrant impeachment, and even that would have to be extreme enough to paint Republicans in a bad light were they to vote against it. Will Speaker to be Pelosi, as Noonan puts it, "keep the left in check all the way until election day, 2008?" More than likely, yes.

So that's another thing that needs to be put to rest. And besides, I'm not sure why Noonan and his side would be so against impeachment of the President. The last guy who had to deal with it saw favorable poll numbers and his party saw gains in the next election. If anything, you guys should be praying for it.