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“This administration is populated by people who’ve spent their careers bashing government. They’re not just small-government conservatives—they’re Grover Norquist, strangle-it-in-the-bathtub conservatives. It’s a cognitive disconnect for them to be able to do something well in an arena that they have so derided and reviled all these years.”

Senator Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And with that, Arnold was re-elected

SF Gate:
The two leading Democrats in the Legislature pledged to campaign with Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger through the fall to win public support for a $37 billion bond package on the November ballot -- setting up a potentially awkward situation for whichever Democratic candidate emerges to challenge the incumbent Republican.

Democratic State Senate Pro Tem Don Perata of Oakland and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez of Los Angeles appeared at Schwarzenegger's side Monday in Oakland and pledged continuing support for the bond issue to finance schools, roads, bridges, levee repairs and affordable housing.

Moderate Arnold returns, at least until November 2006. After that will be anyones guess.