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Senator Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The cold under my feet: Local paper say No on 73

I've had a number of issues with the Republican bent that the local paper has, so much so that I infrequently read the thing anymore. So imagine my surprise when I saw they had come out in opposition to Proposition 73:
The question we have grappled with is why would some teenagers seek an abortion without notifying their parents? In an ideal world, teenage girls would go to their caring parents and talk about pregnancy and abortion. Unfortunately, there are homes where violence, abuse, drug addiction or alcoholism is the rule of the day. Incidents exist where a teenager has been seriously beaten by a parent, at harm to the fetus, for telling she was pregnant. A doctor's phone call to those parents places that teen in great physical danger.

Many of those teens will delay seeking professional medical care or counseling. This significantly increases the risks to teen's health and to that of the fetus should the pregnancy be carried to term. In the worst cases, teens will attempt back-alley and self-induced abortions.

The so-called "solutions" this bill claims to provide have not materialized in other states with similar legislation. Rates for teen abortion have dropped no quicker in those states that have parental notification laws than in those that don't:
Further, there's little evidence that teenagers will become any closer with parents who a doctor informs of their child's intent to seek an abortion. The poor parental behavior that resulted in a lack of the teenager's trust isn't likely to suddenly change as if in a Lifetime movie. In fact, two medical journal studies comparing a state with parental notification (Minnesota) and one without notification (Wisconsin) found that the mandate didn't increase the number of teens who spoke with parents.

Nice to see the Desert Sun gain some sense. Hopefully this isn't the end of it.